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Yoga & Meditation Led by Shilpi, a certified yogini, an experienced professional is quite an experience. Her exposure to Yoga was from her earlier years. Not only has she obtained numerous accolades, but she’s also been at the helm of competitive yoga. Across a multitude of talent showcasing competitions, she rose to National Level Championship in Yoga, in India. 

Dance Fitness  Shilpi has exhaustive experience and hopes to impart the same. She has been a professional dancer since her childhood. She has been teaching dance for a couple of decades and has modulated that experience.

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Yoga & Meditation

  • Yoga, Pranayam, & Meditation align your body, mind, and soul. Designed especially for people with a sedentary working lifestyle to relieve stress. Includes meditation and joint pain light movement exercises, self-love affirmation, and breathwork.

  • Classes - Small group, Corporate and private classes.

  • Virtual Classes - especially scheduled on zoom

  • You will be able to 

    • Do asanas

    • Meditation

    • Increase flexibility

    • Destress

    • Relax

    • Enjoy inner peace

    • And achieve better health, happiness, and wellness state yourself through your dedication.

    • 60 minutes class

    • $50 per class

  • Program Code - HFYM601

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