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Shilpi Makeup & Styling

Be your own kind of beautiful

About SMS

It is never a business when it comes to an individual's right to be the best self. With Shilpi Makeup & Styling, one can rest assured that optimal focussed undivided guidance will be at your behest.

SMS here shall help you with bringing forth your inner beauty and shall in the process impart valuable skill and knowledge to enable you to take the experience forward.


Make-up is not about caking your face with tons of cosmetics... it's about getting the look you want with a specific kind of attire. Feel free to know what kind of look would go best with certain outfits of your choice. I am here to get the best look with the outfit.


Self- Makeup 2 hours Master Class


What People Say

Manisha Elhance
Vienna, Virginia

Shilpi is extremely creative and knowledgeable. She is a pleasure to work with.

 Shilpi Chanda - Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Artistic Director, Makeup Mentor, and Certified Yoga Teacher

Individual Private Self-Makeup & Grooming Master Class 

Are you attending meetings and parties without the makeup you want to do?

Learn to do everyday quick and easy makeup and party makeup on your face and do it with confidence for the rest of your life!

Working all day long at work and home and being unable to look your best is not something that is desirable...

So this Master Class is perfect for you... You just have to have 2 hours of your time and learn about the different products and accessories that will help you do quick easy makeup daily and also party makeup without thinking of going to the parlor every single time and spending lots of money and time. 

This Master Class has a Bonus Skincare routine and false Lash application. 

Now with this Master Class look amazing every day and show up as you like. 

Makeup is for a reason called makeup... You get to create the look you want in the events & festivities ... 

Let this time, you shine, the way you want. 

Makeup Mentor - Shilpi Chanda

Book the time slot which is convenient for you. Pay Once & Learn For Life!

Duration - 2 hours | Zoom or In-person

Price $199 USD

What you will learn

  • A detailed list of products (recommendations & suggestions) and how to use each one of them to complete the look and have the best finish and smooth appearance.

  • Daily full-face makeup

  • Party makeup ( smokey eyes on request)

  • False Lashes application

  • Customize according to your desire & learn Skincare

  • On request, get an online makeup review class bonus

Saree Draping

Saree Draping is typically an art of draping a saree which is an Indian Traditional long piece of garment. 

  • You will learn in two weeks' duration

  • Introduction, Types of sarees, and different draping styles.

  • Using accessories like belts and bags, and other jewelry...

  • Draping service available by appointment

  • Required age - 12 and above (for learning) and age for draping.

  • Two 30 minutes sessions

  • Program Code - SMSSD701

Makeup Mentoring

  • Online Pre-recorded Basic Makeup Course  $49.99 

  • Basic Makeup Class (Duration - 4 weeks) For Beginners - $299.99
    • Introduction to makeup​

    • Knowledge of Accessories and product

    • Importance of skincare using organic chemical-free stuff.

    • Moisture Technique

    • Daily full-face makeup

    • Party wear makeup

  • Advance Makeup ​Class​ (Duration -  6 weeks) $399.99​
    • Bridal Makeup

    • Party Makeup

    • Nude Makeup

    • Introduction to Styling, draping, and photoshoot makeup

  • Basic Makeup

  • Required Age: 12 years and above

  • Here is what you will learn

    • Face makeup and settings​​​​​​

  • Program Code - SMSMM702

dance makeup and costume

Dance Makeup

  • Dance makeup 

  • Required Age: 13 years and above

  • Appointment - subject to availability.

  • One 2 hour Class

  • Price $199.99

  • Program Code - SMSDM703

Fashion Accessories

Fashion Styling

  • Duration - 2 weeks | $250


Do you find it tough to hunt for something awesome to wear for any occasion and always feel you need new clothes or are confused about what's in fashion? Learn to be your own fashion stylist and create the look you want for every occasion.

  • Fashion Styling is about the style that you would like and find in your wardrobe and wear with confidence.

  • If you are confused always about what to wear and never find the right outfit in your wardrobe then this might be a good session for you.

  • It's a two-hour session on how you different types of dresses and accessories can boost your appearance and give you instant confidence.

  • According to your body type and favorite colors, what are the way you can always look stunning?

  • Methods to decide how to dress for different types of occasions and other major factors that play an important role.

  • Program Code - SMSFS704

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