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Meditation is an activity or practice done by using techniques like focusing on a particular object or thought awareness, and mindfulness to achieve a calm and focused peaceful state of mind and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. 

This is 30 minutes in-depth meditation to elevate  session


1.  How to work on intuition

2. Feel the vibration and be more alive.

3. Learn how to let life flow through you.

4. Learn to meditate simply on your own after the session.

5. Learn to quiet your mind and listen to the Being.

Meditate To Elevate 

One-on-one Meditate To Elevate Meditation Session

(Online & In-person)

Hailing from India, a land of culture and yoga as a way of life… I have been introduced to meditation at a very young age and now with daily practice and learning, I feel the love to share it with others…


"Life begins with you and ends with you. Celebrate the life that is you and be your best! " ~ Shilpi Chanda

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