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"The greatest art in the world is making a change happen... I believe in inspiring people profoundly to motivate them to make organic changes and work towards their dreams and reach their goals. 
Change that is sustainable and self-driven to help them make some kind of professional or personal change in their lives and within themselves.
An individual human reflex is to incline their attention and focus on problems, and as a motivational speaker, I increase self-efficacy and help them to focus on the positive and strengths in their lives, by using motivational coaching, and appreciative coaching and leading them to self-actualization.
Being a speaker has been one of my best way of sharing what I have learned throughout my life till now and also what I am directed as my life's purpose.
Sharing platforms with amazing speakers has also been quite a learning and joyful experience." - Shilpi Chanda
Shilpi Chanda, is a Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Author, International Speaker, Mentor, and Facilitator. She has moderated/ emceed more than 50 events both virtual and in-person. She interviews authors and renowned leaders from different parts of the world. She has been a speaker at International Events "World Spiritual Day, Elite Women in Power, Vera Level Business, VLB 300th Day Celebration, Women Entrepreneurs, Pdx Home Cooks, and more. She has been honored with an honorary doctorate. She collaborates globally.
 Shilpi Chanda amalgamates all the dimensions of life to help you balance your life and find the peace that you are seeking. She does Life Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching, Yoga, and Meditation to mentor, coach, and guide individuals all across the globe on self-love, self-care, and mindful transformation through a healthy balanced lifestyle to achieve a happy, fulfilled, and peaceful life.
She is a certified coach in all three life stages - Families, Pregnancy, and Adults and Seniors. She helps Individuals with or without chronic illnesses,  break their patterns and attain their targets such as weight loss, stress management, work-life balance, believing in oneself, creating positivity, and understanding the perspective of life from a non-triggered growth mindset.
 Speaking Topic
  1. Self-Love - You are life, life begins with you and ends with you. To live life is to find joy within and celebrate the being that is you.
  2. Balanced life - One can achieve balanced life only when the different dimensions of life are worked on and balanced.
  3. Be You: Being your authentic self is the superpower that no one can compete with. No one can be better YOU than you.
  4. Happiness: Only two emotions primarily drive you. and if one person understands what they love and their purpose, nothing can make them unhappy.
  5. Healthy Lifestyle through Self-love and Self-care. How a person can when starting self-love the healthy practices is easier
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