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3 Things To Do At Home To Minimize The Pollution Due To Wild Fire in Oregon

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Due to the WildFire in Oregon, the air quality has dropped and now Portland is ranked #1 for the unhealthiest air quality in the world today. Having a toddler made me think of ways that can help me make the air quality better using methods that are really easy and readily can be used. I am a Health and Wellness Coach and I found doing these 3 things really helped minimized the pollution due to the WildFire at Home. I felt I should share being an Oregonian, for others to benefit.

Below are the three simple things to do at home for minimizing air pollution-

  1. Close the doors and windows - It is better to close all the doors and windows to stop the pollutants to enter the home directly. And even minimize the opening of the doors. The lesser the doors would be opened the lesser the pollution would enter the house.

  2. Switch on the room fans - It is a good idea to switch on the fans in the room to enable air movement in the room. I felt the air movement gave a feeling of air movement which I would have felt if my windows and doors would have been open.

  3. Switch on the humidifier in the room- From morning due to pollution I felt uncomfortable and kept worrying about my daughter's health and then I recollected how my grandma would sprinkle water all around in the front yard of our house in the village to settle the dust. I just brought this same effect by switching on the humidifier. Using the humidifier in the room during the day gave me such a relief. I felt much comfortable. Of course, we cannot compete with mother nature but we can always try our best and pray for God to do the rest.

For those who cannot do the above, there are some alternatives like wearing a mask when opening the door to avoid the direct inhalation of the pollutants. Switch on the exhaust for some time is you don't have a fan, it can at least give some air moment in the house. Place a container filled with water in each room in front of the fan in a safe distance to have some humidity in the room or switch on the shower for some time to have a little humidity in the adjacent rooms.

Nothing is permanent and this shall too pass. These above things are just measures that we can try at home. I found them really beneficial so I thought I should share with you all. Being a mother nothing seems to be more important than the health and happiness of my daughter and also friends and family as now I know how precious life is.

P.S. These are just my observation and what I did at my home, Please do your due diligence to suit yourself and have the best outcome.

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