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DeSigN YoUr MoOd BeTTer tO Make YOURSELF Happier

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

When it comes to designing our mood we are the experts for sure. But the important question here is do we really design it right? You have everything you need to create beautiful mood that will help us make amazing memories for life.

Have you ever thought if you had not let anything spoil your mood how the whole situation would have turned out. As we have given the responsibility of designing our mood to someone else, may be that someone or something matters a lot to us but shouldn't we think for a while is it really how the thing should be.

As humans, it is very obvious to fall in to the trap of our own emotions of which others might as well take advantage. Things that you could practice to be able to design your own mood. Yes, it is not easy and will require plenty of practice but for sure you can master the art.

Choose to be your own guide when it comes to designing your mood. It is very important to love ourselves and not let go of our own identity. There are many individuals who actually have been living lives for others and have forgotten what actually was their purpose of life. Slowly, this thing somewhere builds a hollow within. We need to be strong and know that its never too late to dream again and fulfill all the wishes and desires which we once lived for. Getting busy in the rat race somewhere suppresses the self that was unstoppable.

Situation in life plays an important role in shaping our life. Truly, have you ever imagined how things are. But God has given us the power to live a happy life. And the prove is that you are breathing right now.

There comes times when we face situations where we become unhappy because it is not how we expected it to be. But really is this a reason good enough to upset your being. I don't think so. Remember what happened has happened and you lamenting on it will not change the outcome. Rather looking into the matter and making positive changes. Follow the easy steps to change in to a happier mood any time.

1. Silence in Anger

Remember the best possible answer to an anger is silence. Be it, you are angry or anyone else is, silence is the best thing. We all get angry when things go against the way we want. May be the degree to our anger could vary from person to person or from situation to situation. The important thing is we need to know how to handle anger. Believe it or not, when you are anger the normal instinct is violent communication. What we need to do is just be silent. Sometimes that becomes difficult so the other possible way could be to just count numbers from 1-10 or may 1-20. If that works for you, awesome. But if that doesn't work then the best idea would be to sing or pray or silently or walk away till both the parties have cooled down and are at a better situation to talk and handle the situation better and solve whatever issues that has developed in between.

2. Distraction in Sadness

Sadness need a distraction, be it from the person who we believe has saddened us or from the environment which made us sad. There are various things to cheer your mood. One that best works for many is music. You should always have a piece of music available to you via phone or other media which is kind of your favourite. Listen to the music and just try to listen to the music with full concentration. You will see in sometime, you are not only out of the sad mood but also you are in a good mood.

3.Growing Green Jealousy

Sometimes it is disguised as anger sometimes sadness. Whenever we are can achieve what we think we deserve and others have could be a great cause of jealousy. But one think we need to remember that grass is always greener on the other side. And there are many people ready to take your life as they think yours is better than them. Smart are those people who have the ability to think through and not compare as everyone's life is special and there is always a beautiful story hidden in everyone's life no matter what you may currently think of your life. Being jealous is just being human but be humane and stop destroying your mood and life confusing happiness with achievement.


Indecisiveness or being confused is so normal. The main reason of being confused is because we try to predict or see through our future which is so not humanly possible. Just take one thought at a time and do what you think is best at the moment considering all pros and cons. Take your time and once you make a decision try to stick with it. Don't repent if that doesn't work in the future just remember you did your best.


Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst and you will still be shocked but nothing will baffle or shatter you. Be optimistic there is always the dawn after the dusk.

5.Calm your mind and soothe your soul

I have been doing yoga and meditation since childhood but never realised the benefits it has. But crossing couple of decades have made me realise the benefits of yoga and meditation. Giving ourself so much time for other activities and not actually for our being is so very saddening and the real truth of everyone's life. If we can practice simple yoga and meditation(of any form) we can calm our mind and soothe our soul which in turn will make us happier and have better control over our emotions.Other physical activities like dancing, playing, swimming are also beneficial.

By - Shilpi Chanda - Certified Health and Wellness Coach

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