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5 Things To Make It The Right Time

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

It is always the right time for doing something right. Be it our career or our personal desire we always procrastinate things for the later and then never find the right time for it. How often have you told yourself that , " Hmm, I will do it later ." and never found the time for it.

If you think of all the inevitable important things of life, you never had control over happened just as it had. Imagine one such happy important instance in your life which happened by itself and you never had to put any effort into it. Do you think you would have done it then and there if it was not natural? I hope the answer is yes, but for most of us it could be as well a no. Living a life and actually living to the highest essence is so very different. To make a life better and to achieve whatever you wish for may not be easy but might not be tough either if you do this 5 things.

1. Decide - Let your dreams come true

Decide what actually you want to achieve that you really would go the extra length. Always have a tangible dream. it has to be very vivid. Write it somewhere and save it well. rather than spending time on social media liking and admiring other people pictures spend time alone and sink into the thought of what you actually dream of. The answers to all the questions lies well within you. We always have the habit of thinking what if that doesn't work?Good question might as well happen if you keep this thought process. So it is very important to believe in your own dreams rather than of other. Take out that piece of yourself who worries about others and does not believe in your own dreams.

2. Plan - The whole of it

After you have realised what exactly that you want at the moment, you need to plan. The plan should include the what, why and how. To start with you need to acquire knowledge if you already don't have. There are many sources. You need to be ready to dive in. Then get yourself all the answer that come to your brain. don't worry about why you are getting into this. Have a black and white plan in front of you that you can see.

3. Execute - It's time for action

After you have planned it well. It time for getting into action without delay. Too much analysis sometimes causes unnecessary delays. So, without further ado, just execute your plan. Don't be scared. No one ever passed an exam without appearing into one.

4. Perseverance - Keep going

Once you have executed the plan and moving forward it is very important to keep moving forward without stopping. Yes if needed pause for a while or move slow but don't stop. Sometimes we just think it to be not easy or too time taking and plan to leave it. Not even if it is too hard and you never imagined it to be. You have to keep your promise alive and keep up the plan. Never drop down in your own eyes. At least do all that you could have done before the before STOP you are thinking to make. Our life is like the sine curve and everything in it as well. So, with all the ups you have to be ready for all the downs as well.

5. Appreciate - You deserve it

Appreciate yourself for you took your life seriously and did all that you could do for the one thing that you really wanted to de in your life. You deserve a pat on your back and you should be the one proud of yourself. From now on, you take give yourself all the credit that it deserves. YOU DID IT. You have leveled up yourself from "I don't know to I did it". Being a Health and Life Coach I always believe appreciation is one main ingredient for happiness.

By - Shilpi Chanda ( Certified Health and Wellness coach)

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