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Shilpi Chanda

Shilpi Chanda is from the beautiful town of Shillong, Meghalaya, India now resides in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. She is a Transformational Life Coach, Health & Wellness Holistic Coach, Author, International Speaker, Mentor, Motivator and Facilitator. She has moderated/ emceed more than 50 events both virtual and in-person. She interviews authors and renowned leaders from different parts of the world.


Shilpi Chanda is the CEO & Founder of Shilpi Chanda International.
She is a resilient entrepreneur motivating, supports, and contributes to the community. She has been touching lives and making a positive change in society.


Shilpi Chanda amalgamates all the dimensions of life to help you balance your life and find the peace that you are seeking. She does Life Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching, Yoga, and Meditation to mentor, coach, and guide individuals all across the globe on self-love, self-care, and mindful transformation through a healthy balanced lifestyle to achieve a happy, fulfilled, and peaceful life.

She is a Master Certified Coach in all three life stages - Families, Pregnancy, and Adults and Seniors. She helps Individuals with or without chronic illnesses, break their patterns and attain their targets such as weight loss, stress management, work-life balance, believing in oneself, creating positivity, and understanding the perspective of life from a non-triggered growth mindset. Having more than a couple of decades of experience in dance and Visharad in Bharat Natyam, and Rabindra Nritya gave her the knowledge and expertise that she bestows upon her students to enjoy the creative aspect of art and culture as an Artistic Director. Makeup and Styling, Interior Styling, and Fashion Styling are other feathers on her hat.


She has received an Honorary Doctorate from the Malaysia South India Chamber Of Commerce for her contribution to Arts & Society.

She is a people person and an ardent lover of nature. She is a giver and wants to love and serve to the best of her potential and make the world a happier place.

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"I will support you with knowledge, science-based facts, and care." - Shilpi Chanda 

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Ruchika Sharma
Bellevue Washington

The Dance Academy is helped to instill a sense of responsibility and love of the arts in our daughter, and for that, we as parents are incredibly thankful to Shilpi. We had originally signed her up to keep her focused and busy...we never imagined the impact of the training she received then motivated, determined, and focused on her. I like how Shilpi focuses on your mistakes and shows and tells you how to fix them. ..Students are expected to follow routines and guidelines, and they do so because of the professionalism modeled by Shilpi.

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