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Shilpi Chanda

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Srilekha Reddy Palle
Washington D.C., USA

It is with great esteem that I reflect upon a decade-long acquaintance with Ms. Shilpi Chanda, an individual whose professional journey I have had the privilege to observe and admire. Initially recognized as a world-renowned classical dancer, Ms. Chanda's repertoire extends far beyond the performing arts. She is an acclaimed expert in holistic coaching, life transformation, and wellness, areas where her contributions have been both significant and impactful.
What sets Ms. Chanda apart is her unique ability to weave together various life experiences, particularly her extensive background in dance, to enhance her coaching methodology. This integration not only bolsters the effectiveness of her approach but also infuses a creative vigor that is both rare and invigorating. Her coaching philosophy, underscored by a strong emphasis on self-love, self-care, and a growth mindset, deeply resonates with those she mentors. Her sessions transcend conventional targets like weight loss, focusing instead on holistic development, inner peace, and the attainment of happiness.
Ms. Chanda is more than a coach or an entrepreneur; she is a visionary leader whose influence extends to empowering and uplifting everyone within her sphere. The rarity lies in her ability to blend professional excellence with profound personal integrity and compassion. It is without reservation that I recommend Ms. Shilpi Chanda to anyone seeking transformative life changes and a path to balanced, fulfilling living.

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Shilpi Chanda

Shilpi Chanda is a Transformational Life Coach, Holistic Coach, Make-up Artist, Teacher, Best-selling Author, and International Public Speaker.​Shilpi Chanda amalgamates all the dimensions of life to guide busy professionals in adopting a balanced and nourishing lifestyle through personalized coaching all across the globe on self-love, self-care, and mindful transformation through a healthy balanced lifestyle to achieve a happy, fulfilled, and peaceful life. She is a Master Certified Coach in all three life stages - Families, Pregnancy, and Adults and Seniors. She helps Individuals with or without chronic illnesses, break their patterns and attain their targets such as weight loss, stress management, work-life balance, believing in oneself, creating positivity, and understanding the perspective of life from a non-triggered growth mindset. Having more than a couple of decades of experience in dance and Visharad in Bharat Natyam, and Rabindra Nritya gave her the knowledge and expertise that she bestows upon her students to enjoy the creative aspect of art and culture as an Artistic Director. Makeup and Styling, Interior Styling, and Fashion Styling are other feathers on her hat.

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